Climate Crisis & Solutions
Webinar Presentations

One of our trained Climate Reality Leaders gives a live webinar presentation each month while we are unable to attend live sessions at this time. 

We will give a portion of Mr. Gore’s famous presentation, and follow it up with small group sessions to work on solutions for our own locations. 

Webinars are approximately 30 minutes and break out sessions another 30 minutes.

We use Zoom to deliver the webinar.

You must register in order to attend so we can email the secure link, which arrives the day of the scheduled presentation.

Climate Reality Webinar Registration

15 + 9 =

This video is a condensed version of what we will deliver during the webinar.  A full live version of the presentation is two hours long. If we are in your area and you would like a longer, live presentation, please see our Presentation Request page. 

Scheduled Dates

Thursday, August 6th @ 7PM PST 

Friday, August 7th @ 4PM PST, 7PM EST

Thursday, Sept. 10 @ 7PM PST

Friday, Sept. 11 @ 4PM PST