showcase your organization

Please reach out via email with your contact phone number and I will call to set up an appointment. Thank you! 

Schedule Your Showcase Video

Schedule a time if you are interested or have any additional questions.
The calendar is currently unavailable. Please email me your contact information and I will contact you about an appointment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for taking the time to educate others, through this website, about your organization’s mission.

What is a  Showcase Video?

A  Showcase Video is a short video recording where you are able to share your mission statement, and 2 or 3 ways you are satisfying that mission. Success stories will be gathered during a longer podcasts if you are interested in being on the show (more to come on that project).

What technology do I need?

The sessions are recorded using and accessed from a link that will be provided.  Only your side will be on the screen.  You will need the following:

  • Computer with camera and audio (clean your camera lens for best quality)
  • Good lighting – natural is best
  • Strong internet signal

How long will it take?

We should be able to complete in 15 minutes if all the technology is in place.  The end product is 2 – 3 minutes long.

Who should be the one on the screen?

Anyone who has the authority to speak for your organization.  We suspect this will be a board member or Executive Director.