Environmental Education Resources

Feel free to use any of these resources with your community.  If you have others that should be here, please let us know.

Talking Points

Need help talking about climate change with certain audiences? These will help.

Comment Cards

Easy to use, printable comment cards to use in your community. 

Share Your Training Programs

We want to share your training programs with other Environmental Groups.

Schedule a Live Presentation

See if we will be in your area so we may deliver a live Climate Reality Presentation.

Climate Reality Webinar Presentations

Live webinars of a 45 minute Climate Reality Presentation offered twice per month.

Website Give-Away

We are giving away a website every other month to new groups based on some simple criteria.  Learn more. 

Marketing Mastermind Group - Pilot Offering

Be one of six in our pilot 6-month Marketing Mastermind Group.