Marketing Mastermind Group – Pilot Program

Need help with your marketing but can’t fit it into your budget? You are not alone.  We see this as a major issue for many Environmental Non-Profit (not for profit) groups so we are kicking off a six month Marketing Mastermind Group. 

What is a Mastermind Group?

Napoleon Hill discusses the idea of a mastermind group in his popular books.  It can be defined as “a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members.” 

The mastermind group provides a place for brainstorming and accountability for particular goals you have for your organization.

We start with a goal – maybe to increase membership by X number of people, or increase donation by X number of dollars. 

What does it look like for this group?

We are accepting six members from different regions into this first pilot program. It will meet every two weeks for 90 minutes via Zoom. There are a strict set of rules to follow that have been proven to work by business leaders across the globe for over 100 years. The most important is that you must show up each week.

As an added twist, we will spend about 20 minutes teaching a particular inbound marketing concept. Then we will go around the “table” and hear problems you may have in this area. We will go around the table one or two more times offering solutions for the members. Only one person speaks at a time. 

Between sessions you are tasked with working on your marketing plan and incorporating these concepts. The group is your accountability partner. You may also choose to work in a group chat environment between sessions to ask questions. 

Who can participate?

We are looking for Directors or designated marketing staff who plan to be with the organization long-term and can participate in all 12 sessions. It is ideal for those who need a strong marketing plan. 

What topics will be discussed?

The Mastermind facilitator is an Inbound Marketing specialist and has taught classes on the topic to small business across the US.  We will be working towards a goal that will be determined before we begin. Our focus will be on non-profit strategies as they relate to the following:

  • Ideal Member, Ideal Donor
  • Review of Mission and Why statements
  • Website SEO 
  • Attracting audience – Content Creation
  • Promotion – Social Channels
  • Lead Generation
  • Keeping happy members and donors
  • More as they develop

How do you get involved?

Please fill out the form and let us know how this project will help you and your organization. We will then give you a call to discuss the process and determine if it is a good fit for you. 



The feeling we hope to achieve – virtually!

Please consider me for your Mastermind Pilot Program

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This is a one time introductory offer at no cost.  There may be a price involved in the future until we find a sponsor for the Mastermind Group.  Your participation and feedback will help future offerings and many other environmental non-profits.