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Audubon Mississippi
City : Jackson
Phone :
Mission : To conserve and restore our state’s bountiful natural resources, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of our people and Mississippi’s abundant biological diversity.

Jackson Audubon Society
City : Jackson
Phone : 850-232-8219
Mission : To instill in the people of Jackson County an interest, knowledge, and appreciation of birds and other wildlife.

Mississippi Coast Audubon Society
City : Ocean Springs
Phone : 601-909-5383
Mission : To establish a Least Tern habitat and promote and protect this fragile beach-nesting species (thus our logo “Nest in Peace”). We have been involved in education, conservation, and protection of our natural resources in southern Mississippi ever since.

Mississippi Environmental Education Alliance
City : statewide
Phone : 270-214-0587
Mission : To promote formal and non-formal environmental education throughout Mississippi

Mississippi Sierra Club
City : statewide
Phone : 601-624-3503
Mission : Explore, Enjoy and Protect the Planet.

Mississippi Wildlife Federation
City : statewide
Phone : 601-605-1790
Mission : Our mission is to conserve Mississippi’s natural resources and protect our wildlife legacy.

Okatibbee Creek Audubon Society
City : Meridian
Phone :
Mission : Our mission is to promote conservation and a greater knowledge of birds, their habitats, and the natural world.

Pearl Riverkeeper
City : Madison
Phone : 540-419-7567
Mission : working towards one goal of clean drinkable, fishable, swimmable waters around the world. Waterkeeper Alliance members patrol and protect more than 2.5 million square miles of rivers, lake and coastal waterways on six continents because everyone has the r

Sierra Club - Golden Triangle Group
City : Starksville
Phone : 662-338-5426
Mission : Our role is to protect these natural landscapes.

Sierra Club - Gulf Coast Group
City : Gulfport
Phone : 228-871-7004
Mission : To explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the earth;

Sierra Club - The Central Group
City : Jackson
Phone :
Mission : Our chapter promotes clean, renewable energy such as solar and wind and energy efficiency programs to reduce energy consumption, as well as measures to improve air quality by supporting mass transit, emissions standards, and transit/pedestrian-friendly de

The Nature Conservancy in Mississippi
City : statewide
Phone : 601-713-3355
Mission : Since 1965, The Nature Conservancy has been working to conserve lands and waters in Mississippi that have provided a sense of place and connection to our natural heritage for many generations. TNC has played a key role in protecting and restoring some of

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